Hear Us March

I do not think myself a king.
I am no catalyst.
I am no deity, who gives divine rules.

I am a pawn.
I am small, proud, and strong.

Injustice has a solid presence in this world.
It isn’t as few and blatant as the masses believe.
It is sly, subtle, and seeps its way into everyday life.

I will not accept the bad just because
“That’s how it’s been for a long time.”
Merely because something is today,
Does not mean it has to be tomorrow.

I will not roll over because others sneer,
Or think distastefully of me.
I’ve come too far, and grown too wise
To start giving a damn.

I will push, and push.
When I get tired I will rest,
Wake up, then push some more.
I will continue to push until I see
The bright light that is a better tomorrow,
Or the light of my death bed.

I am one of many pawns.
Now the lines have been formed;
A sea of impenetrable pawns.
Holding strong, and marching
Towards the ancient and oblivious kings.

We are pawns.
We are massive, we are proud.
Above all, we are strong;
And we will not be stopped.



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