The New Legends: Who, What, When, and Where


First and foremost I need to apologize for my long and lied about absence. I made a promise that once school commenced I would figure out the best way to manage my time that also involved maintaining the blog. I overestimated both the workload and and the difficulty of managing time. I apologize as I did not deliver on said promise. I should not have made a promise like that, especially when a balance between school and the blog was not conceivable. The other reason for my absence is conflicting feelings about my adequacies as a writer, these I’ll write about later.

The reason I’m writing now is in response the news you have no doubt heard already, the passing of David Bowie. I won’t tell you that I was the hugest fan of Bowie, or that he had some large significance in my life like “I grew up listening to him.” They’re simply not true. I didn’t even start listening to Bowie until this year when I was trying to broaden my musical horizons. I love his music though, so I was saddened upon hearing the news of his passing.

His death got me thinking about his legacy, his status, his role as one of the greatest musicians period. I remembered something scary, the greats of our time are dying. Robin Williams, Maya Angelou, Lou Reed, the list goes on. These people are the gods of art for our time and we are quickly losing these legends. So a few questions came to mind. Will there be legends on the scale of these artists? Will our modern greats reach that level of quality and glory? Which generations will pick up the mantle once these artists are gone? Are we ignoring the modern Bowie’s, Mayas, Bradbury’s, etc? Will there be any artists as good as the legends? Sooner or later we (collectively) will have to pick up the torch, but there are so many more questions surrounding that.
Is it missing the point comparing ourselves to the old greats? Can we live up to them? Where will the new greats come from? Is there huge popularity and legend a result of the environment their careers came into? What in our current culture exists that will facilitate the next legendary artists? Did the people of their time view them like we do our modern music? Will the next legends even come from the indie scene? How will this change art?