Writing Prompt: turn a comic idea into a short story

I’m sitting at my desk writing a paper when my friend walks in the room and asks me “did you see what Trump did today?” My face turns into a sullen, angry, mess like a Looney Toons character as I slam my pencil down on my notebook. Not bothering to look back at him I hold up one finger. I then proceed to yank open the drawer of the desk and pull out a bottle of vodka in my right hand and an already lit cigarette in my left hand. I pound down a quarter of the bottle and a drag out of half the cigarette. Slamming the bottle on the desk, I look to my friend “No, do tell.”


Daily Journal Challenge: 01/31/17

Prompt: what was the last mistake you made that ended up being funny?


Last week I was doing laundry and I had put some jeans in the wash with some lighter gray clothes. When I took the load out of the dryer, I was furious to see that my jeans had dyed all of my light gray clothes a blueish tint. What made me even madder was the fact that I couldn’t figure out why this had happened. This sort of thing usually happens with new jeans that haven’t been washed before, and while there were some newer jeans in the load, they had all been washed before. I assumed it was the change in detergent that caused the dye to run (I’m not sure, I’m not the best at laundry). Looking on it now, it is pretty funny in a pitiful sort of way.


College Life for Me

I have


Water bottle



Coffee mugs

Guess which one is the bigger priority.

Daily Journal Challenge: 01/30/17

Prompt: When was the last time that you made a friend?


That is an excellent question… moving on.

Daily Journal Challenge: 01/29/17

Prompt: What’s your greatest strength?



I would say my greatest is my strength is my ability to extrapolate and articulate every little detail in something. I’m a bastard to argue against because I will pick apart every inch of your argument (for any possible reason), and find all the possible problems in it. I’m focusing on everything so much that I can see any inconsistencies, fallacies, contradictions, etc. Then I’ll extract them for long explanations on why they’re problematic, and I will do this for every problem until your whole idea is essentially in ribbons.