Daily Journal Challenge: 01/19/17

Prompt: What must happen for you to think you’ve finally made it in life?


I think for me to feel this way I just need my life to be in order. A steady job where I’m at my desk all day writing this thing or that. Quiet evenings involving my pets, my significant other, and I sitting on the couch watching tv. A point in my life where there’s no great stress or drama hanging over my head, threatening to bring it down, besides those of everyday life. A life where my sleep schedule is a legitimate sleep schedule. If I could have it no other way, a life like this would make me feel like I “made it.”

If I could have my full dream, I would love to run my own publishing/production company. A company where I could hire writers and artists to produce any number of different projects. We could create books, comics, cartoons, movies, music, public projects, and all sorts of things I can’t even think of. This way, even if I wasn’t the creative force behind a project, I could help in directing and fulfilling others’ works.


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