Daily Journal Challenge: 01/20/17

Prompt: Do you feel bad about white lies? What was your last one?

Answer: No, usually my white lies don’t yield consequences to other people, so I don’t feel any guilt over telling them. Whenever I do tell a white lie it’s usually for the sake of convenience or saving myself the embarrassment of the truth. Most of them are more akin to half-truths. For instance, if I have to run errands at the university, go uptown to meet someone, then buy groceries; I would only tell you I was going to the university.

I can’t quite recall the exact details of my last white lie, but I know it had something to do with me registering for school. I think I was embarrassed about the exact reason I was having difficulty registering for school, so I made up a story about how it was due to me switching majors at the time.


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