Daily Journal Challenge: 02/28/17

Prompt: Are you addicted to anything?



Internet and attention.


Daily Journal Challenge: 02/27/17

Prompt: Have your religious views changed recently?



This question is a little nebulous so I’m assuming it’s referring to my beliefs toward god. I’m also a little confuse as to what it means by “recent”, so I’ll just give you the quick rundown of the last four years. At 14 years old to about 16 years old I was a hardline atheist. From 16 to 18 I was agnostic. From then to right now I ascribe to the philosophy of “fuck it.” Whether or not there is a god I should try to live my life to best I can. God or not I’m still heading six-feet-under. At the end of the day, what does it matter?

If you’re talking about religious views in general, I have had a recent development. I still don’t believe creationism should be taught in conjunction with modern science, as though it is an alternative and equally valid belief. However, I do believe there should be a course that teaches kids about the largest world religions. This class would teach kids about the different religions from a critical, cultural, and historical perspective. Students will do things like: examine each religion’s texts, go through a brief history of the religion, analyze the theology surrounding each religion, look at basic debates in the religion, and try to form a cultural perspective of each religion. The goal is to broaden their understanding of the world and give them a more empathetic connection with people of different national and religious backgrounds.

Daily Journal Challenge: 02/26/17

Prompt: What’s your conflict resolution style? Fight or withdraw?


Most of the time when a conflict arises it’s because of a misunderstanding or a mistake, not usually from someone being unreasonable. So I don’t feel the need to escalate it further by challenging the other person.

Daily Journal Challenge: 02/25/17

Prompt: Which gender has an easier time in life?
Answer: How is this a question?

Daily Journal Challenge: 02/24/17

Prompt: Would you lie in court in order to save a friend?



My answer completely depends on the context of the trial. If all reasoning and scientific evidence points to them committing a serious crime, then no. If it the trial were over a petty crime, then I most likely would lie. If I the arguments and evidence left the answer ambiguous then I most likely wouldn’t lie and would simply comply. Keep in mind that if I’m caught lying under oath that I risk the possibility of going to prison for five years (at worst). There are just too many variables based on the context of the crime and my own sense of just and integrity to say definitively yes or no on such a broad question.