Daily Journal Challenge: 02/04/17

Prompt: Most Awkward moment of last year?


Last year, I was staying in my college’s dorms for summer classes. I had a roommate of course. To understand the rest of the story I’m going to have to explain the layout of the room. Like most dorm rooms, it’s a single room that is longer laterally than it is vertically. The room had a conjoined bathroom with the room to our right. To save space there’s a walkway area when you first enter the room, that connects perpendicularly to the bathroom. So, in short, imagine a tall rectangle with a tangent running off the lower left corner. The two beds ran parallel with the rooms lateral walls and I had the one on the left. So because My roommate’s bed was on the right, he was concealed by the wall of the rest of the room. While my bed pointed directly to the walkway and subsequently the door.

During the summer I was running outside a lot (in the middle of the afternoon no less) and usually when I got back to my room I immediately got in the shower. On that day, though, I began undressing and stopped at my underwear because I got a notification from my phone. After I dealt with the notification I, absent-mindedly, checked twitter and kept doing it for a while. So there I was, in my boxers, leaning on the end of my bed closest to the door, in my underwear, still incredibly sweaty. Since it was the summer it got fairly hot in the room we were used to seeing the other in their underwear, so I wasn’t too worried if he came in and saw me. When he did walk in I had my back to the door so I didn’t see him. I noticed I didn’t hear the door shut and I found that weird. I also felt like someone was watching me. So I turn my head to the left to look behind me, and there is his girlfriend in the walkway, right behind me. All she can do is wave hello. At that moment I whip my head to look to my right, where my roommate is, and immediately exclaim “dude what the fuck?” He then looks at me then to his girlfriend and says “oh… whoops.” Then they both head out of the room. As they’re walking down the hall I can hear the girl laughing her ass off.

By the way, the boxers I was wearing are boxer briefs, based off of The Punisher. So when she first met me I was wearing these tight as hell boxer briefs, with bullets drawn on the waistband, and a giant Punisher skull right over my dick.


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