Daily Journal Challenge: 02/06/17

Prompt: Read a good book lately? If not, why not?

Lately, I’ve been reading Ahsoka, but it’s taking a little while. Partially because of school, reading other things and the fact that it’s a little hard to pick up again once you’ve set it down. It takes an excessive amount of time to get started. I’m already a third of the way through the book and I’m a little shocked at how little has transpired. Not to mention how little momentum the story has even after things started to pick up. There’s nothing wrong with a novel taking its time, but if you’re going to take it slow, fill that time with events that are at least significant not benign. I think if any work takes a third of its existence to get going, that is a fundamental problem, and for a star wars book, I would expect things to be a lot more bombastic by this point.

This is a hard criticism to make because it makes perfect sense for things to be going this slowly. All the actions are character motivated and not having the characters initiate large-scale spectacles fits with the protagonist. The sentence to sentence style is engaging, allows for a lot of expression and insight into the characters, and clean. The plot is incredibly logical and presents a very grounded approach to characters’ situation. Technically speaking there is very little wrong with the book, it’s just a shame it has such a huge fault with regards to pacing.


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