Daily Journal Challenge: 02/22/17

Prompt: If you could bring a book character to life, who would it be?



In all honesty, I wouldn’t bring any book character to the real world, it sounds horrible. First, fiction is a hyper version of reality (in most cases) so most of the people you bring from fiction are going to behave as such, and that would probably get really annoying. Second, most of the books I have read involve murderers, psychopaths, assholes and generally people I don’t want to spend any time around. Even the most benign characters I wouldn’t want to spend any time with because they either seem like they would get me in trouble or be incredibly annoying.


Plus, wouldn’t I have to be responsible for them? It isn’t like they can go anywhere. They would have no social security, no place to stay, or anything. That sounds like a huge pain in the ass, so I’d rather just not deal with that. I guess if I absolutely had to answer I would choose Ms.Marvel. She seems like someone I could get along with. Plus I might be able to convince her to punch Trump.


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