100 posts

I felt as though it would be crass if I didn’t at least acknowledge this milestone. Well, a milestone for me at least. I’m not a news/article exclusive blog, so hitting a one hundred post milestone is not a small accolade. When I started this blog back in 2014, I envisioned it solely as a portfolio. A place employers could come and see my experience for themselves. However, like in my life so much has changed. To me, this blog has become a place for growth as a writer. While I haven’t always been consistent and I haven’t always posted regularly -often times taking long breaks- I’ve never quite stopped. I’ve kept going and I count each post, while not always excellent, a stepping stone of progress. I think you can see that in the contrast of my first post to my most recent. I still don’t have a specific focus for this blog, but I think that’s part of it’s charm.


2 thoughts on “100 posts

  1. Finding a specific focus for ones blog is harder than you may think. Myself I started as a means of communication with my family thousands of miles away. Then my ‘focus’ turned to life in the wilderness where I lived, but soon I found a comfort in being an old curmudgeon writing about obvious faults with our government and its leaders. Each change brought new ‘followers’ but the changes also lost some who were too ‘focused’ on one style of writing. The result is write what moves you at the moment and do not worry about whom you are addressing the posting to… someone out there will find it interesting.


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