Daily Journal Challenge: 03/12/17

Prompt: What popular song do you absolutely hate?


Most recently it’s been No Frauds by Nicki Minaj. This is such a pitiful track I don’t even know how you can call it a response to Remy Ma. There is little to no wordplay, figurative language is basically non-existent, the delivery is so flat, the rhymes are the corniest rhymes I’ve heard in a long time, the bars are completely bland, it’s so qualitatively bad you can’t be insulted by it.

Not to mention she barely makes any scathing remarks on the track. The points she makes are either so bland or just flat out nonsensical. At one point she says “I have photos of you before and after surgery.” First of all, what’s the point you’re trying to make there? Second, we have photos of you before and after surgery too, Nicki. There’s basically nothing significantly insulting on the track.

Drake and Wayne do nothing for the track either. They have no good remarks towards Remy, their delivery is completely dull, and their verses are so uncreative they might aswell not even have shown up. Also, bringing Drake and Lil Wayne to your diss-track is like bringing your first and second grade science fair trophies to show off. Like, you couldn’t get anyone better?


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