Daily Journal Challenge: 6/19/17

Prompt: What do you hope to gain from doing this journal?



Significantly better writing composition skills.


Daily Journal Challenge: 6/18/17

Prompt: What is something you could be good at if you had enough time to practice?



Essentially anything, I mean… isn’t that how practicing works, at least in theory.

Daily Journal Challenge: 6/17/17

Prompt: What consumes most of your time?



If not reading then watching youtube or biking. I read every chance I can get and I usually watch a lot of youtube. I don’t really watch a lot of tv or movies because youtube is so easily accessible and just sit down and watch mindlessly. Biking is definitely up there since I have to bike everywhere I go.

Daily Journal Challenge: 6/16/17

Prompt: When did you last hang out with a friend?



Last Friday I hung out with a bunch of people over at my friend Carlos’ house. We were there to celebrate my birthday, even though my real birthday was on Tuesday no one was off that day so we decided to celebrate that Friday.

Daily Journal Challenge: 6/15/17

Prompt: Describe the object that is currently beside you.



A phone designed and manufactured by Google that I am currently reading this prompt off of.