Daily Journal Challenge: 4/11/17

Prompt: When is the last time you put yourself or someone else in danger?



I can’t remember a time I put someone in danger, but I can certainly remember a time I put myself in danger. When I went to my senior prom I went with a group of friends. Before we went to the prom itself we got high at one of the girl’s house. This was my first time smoking, ever, so when I tried to keep up I got incredibly high. Fast forward a few hours later we were back the girl’s house having just gotten back from prom, and we were smoking again. We were discussing how I was going to get home since I couldn’t get a cab and didn’t have my license. I obviously didn’t want my parents to know that I was getting high so I didn’t call them. We decided one of the other girls was going to drive, however, she had also been smoking that night. We didn’t get into an accident, but in retrospect still not a great decision.


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