Daily Journal Challenge: 4/27/17

Prompt: If you had to give up one of your senses, which would it be?



Begrudgingly, I would give up touch. Your senses are essential and define your experiences. To me, a life without art and culture is the worst existence imaginable. Plus the difficulties associated with blindness and deafness seem to much for me. Without sight, you couldn’t see any visual medium. Without hearing you couldn’t listen to music. Without taste, you could never taste great food, etc. I don’t evaluate the senses on the utilitarian function, but on the experiences they provide me. Like the awe, I get from seeing an amazing painting or hearing a great album. Touch seemed like it had the least amount of loss. Even so, there’s so much to be lost from giving up touch. Physical sensation defines and characterizes so much our experiences. Imagine not being able to feel the touch of your significant other’s hand, the wind against your skin when riding a bike, or the cool sensation of the night after a hot summer’s day. Physical perception, like Whitman stated, is integral and inseparable from our emotional and spiritual experience of life.


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