Daily Journal Challenge: 6/16/17

Prompt: When did you last hang out with a friend?



Last Friday I hung out with a bunch of people over at my friend Carlos’ house. We were there to celebrate my birthday, even though my real birthday was on Tuesday no one was off that day so we decided to celebrate that Friday.


Daily Journal Challenge: 6/15/17

Prompt: Describe the object that is currently beside you.



A phone designed and manufactured by Google that I am currently reading this prompt off of.

Daily Journal Challenge: 6/14/17

Prompt: Do you look forward to retiring?



Absolutely not; honestly without some goal or objective to keep me occupied and strive for I think I would lose my mind.

Daily Journal Challenge: 06/13/2017

Prompt: What is a charitable cause you really believe in?



Providing water and food to underprivileged nations, offsetting the unequal effects property value based school systems cause, eco-friendly future research, wildlife protection and conservation. Most charities have a noble cause so there aren’t many of them I don’t endorse in some way.

Daily Journal Challenge: 6/12/17

Prompt: What is the last lie you told someone? Was it really necessary?



I think I told someone I was from wisconsin instead of georgia, it was a half true since I moved from Wisconsin to here in Colorado. It wasn’t necessary I just didn’t feel like giving my whole life’s story only to really say I’m from Georgia and moved around a lot.